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Amazing Employee Perks Your Team Will Love

Published on: November 1, 2021

Last Updated on: November 13, 2021

Employee Perks

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A wise business leader knows perfectly well that a salary is not enough to attract and retain top employees nowadays. As the work environment and workforce have changed in this past decade, top talent has become harder to find and employees are requesting more from their employees. A study conducted by Glassdoor showed that 48% of U.S. workers and job seekers put perks and benefits amongst their top considerations before deciding to join a company.

Any organization can use employee perks to improve their staff’s lives in various ways and maximize their wellbeing and work-life balance. This doesn’t only benefit the individual, but also the company, its morale, productivity, and motivation.

Below we offer a list of amazing employee perks your team will appreciate and love.

Appreciation Gifts

Appreciation Gifts

Whether you run a big or small company, acknowledging your employees is essential when you want to boost their morale and show that you appreciate their daily efforts. Employee appreciation gifts are more than material tokens. They provide terrific advantages to your organization as a whole, by increasing employee productivity and improving their job performance.

They’re the perfect straightforward way of expressing gratitude and making employees feel valued. Fortunately, there is a great selection and variety of exclusive, high-quality employee appreciation gift ideas for everyone on your team.

The most popular appreciation gifts are gift cards and tech products, but you can always go above and beyond and surprise your employees with a sophisticated wine gift box filled with wine and wine accessories. According to SnackNation, a wine gift box is not only a unique gift idea but one that provides an experience as it can be enjoyed in the company of others.

Professional Development

A company that invests in employee skills and qualifications and finds ways to make this possible with the right space and resources shows the employees that their value doesn’t go unnoticed and that their success is tied to the organization’s success. According to Deloitte, a whopping 71 percent of employees who are likely to leave in the next two years are unhappy with how their leadership skills are being developed.

Having more skilled employees benefits the entire organization, it improves engagement and in turn reduces mass employee migration. If your company offers a strong benefits package, it’s more likely that employees won’t take their talents elsewhere once you’ve invested in their professional development.

Having a learning and development budget is an essential employee perk that will help keep your employees motivated, attract new talent, and increase staff retention rates.

Mental Wellbeing Support

Mental Wellbeing Support

Employees who feel good guarantee the company’s success even in the most demanding business environments. The mental wellbeing of a company’s workforce is key, both from their perspective but also from the company’s financial one. Having available on-call counselors that will provide support for workplace employees and members is one way of efficiently reducing the financial burden mental support can incur.

Having access to counseling and therapy to relieve your employees of any worry or stress gives them a sense of comfort and makes them feel cared for during difficult times when they struggle with any personal or work-related issues. As an employer, you can also look at regular group meditation and mindfulness sessions which is an effective and low-cost option contributing to better mental health.

Flexible Working Hours and Extra Day off for Birthdays

More and more people attach great importance to a good balance between work and private life. By offering flexible working hours or the opportunity to work from home on certain days, you can make your employees more motivated.

Nobody wants to work on their birthday and this could be another excellent perk that won’t break the company’s bank. It’s just one extra day that will leave your employees feeling that the company cares about their happiness and their need to relax and enjoy their special day.

Free Drinks

As the working week comes to an end, everyone gets eager to take a breather and relax. It might feel like a small gesture, but providing your employees with fizzy juice or a cold beer can help take the edge off and contribute to creating a happier company culture.

This will allow your employees to let off steam ahead of the weekend and it’s a relatively low-cost perk that will feel like a treat and leave your employees satisfied.

Final Thoughts

Perks are an excellent way of showing employee support and recognition. From simple ones like appreciation gifts and free drinks to more dedicated ones like investing in their professional development and mental health care, perks are effective tools to increase employee satisfaction and elevate your company’s brand.

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