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How To Open A Barber School In The USA? – Business Ideas In 2022

By mashum.mollah

September 15, 2021

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The United States of America has a lot of opportunities for those who operate a barber school. There are many people who are learning barber skills to earn money and put food on the table for their families, to pay the bills, or just be on their own. Barber college is the right place to start the journey.

Don’t worry that your services will only be needed by the young and old people who could not go to college or university, but also graduates who learn how to barb.

The truth is, if your school is nicely equipped, staffed, and approved by the government, then you won’t have any problem encouraging students to register in your school. If you don’t have the finance to open a school, no worries you can simply teach people the tips of barbering from your saloon. 

You have to carry out feasibility studies and market surveys if you have decided to start a barber school, this will help you to locate a school in a community or city that will accept your services. To the question ‘how long is barber school?’ The answer is, it takes 10 months to complete barber school

How To Open A Barber School In The USA? – Step By Step Guide 

Here are the following steps to open a barber school for business in the USA.

i) Following The Industry

Follow the industry

The barber school falls under the category of trade and technical school industry. The training that is offered to people who are interested in opening a school by the trade and technical schools often leads to job-oriented certifications. 

There are diverse settings provided like the company’s training facilities, the workplace, distance-learning, or from home methods. 

The key areas in this industry that involve musical instrument training and musical schools, barber schools and cosmetology, flight training, and other technical training. If you are from the United States and follow the technical schools and trade industry you will know that there was a fluctuation for the last five years due to dormant growth in federal funding. 

A report stated that in recent times, the restructuring of the US economy has increased. The industry is now undersaturated and entrepreneurs who are training people how to barb, how to drive can be easily found without stress. Searches on the search engine have popped up like ‘how much is barber school’?

Well, annually the barbers earn 22,500 and per hour 11. People have also searched ‘barber school cost?’.

ii) Decide Which Niche To Concentrate On

Decide niche to concentrate

If you have decided to open a school then you can scoop out niche areas that you want to be specialized in. This is because barber school is a niche area in the technical and trade enterprise.

No matter the level of competition in an industry, if you are done with your due thoroughness and be able to brand and promote your services you will make a way through the industry. Make sure you know how to barb and reach your target market.

iii) Know The Possible Threats And Challenges

Know possible threats and challenges

If you are going to start your own barbering school today, then the challenge you are going to face is the presence of a well-put-up barber school, vocational schools, and skill-related center that offers barbing training. The only way to break through this is to build your own market.

Threats that will come in your way like the government won’t support you fully with your policies and global economic slowdown which will definitely affect your effortful business. You cannot do much about it then be positive and think that things will become favorable again.

iv) Use A Catchy Business Name

Use a catchy business name

If you have decided to open a barber do give a name to your barber school that is unique yet catchy. It is easy for people to remember a catchy name, which will help you to be known to people as the name is not hard to remember or pronounce. 

The name of your barber school will build a perception of what your business represents. If you are looking for names then do a search on google or any other search engine through which you can get a catchy name for your school.

v) Protect Your Intellectual Property 

To start a barber school you need to file for intellectual property protection and trademark. This is because the business with its nature lets you challenge organizations and individuals at court for using your company’s intellectual properties such as training manuals and course work.

vi) Professional Certification

Professional certification

If you are trying to make a mark in the trade and technical school industry then ensure that you are gathering all the needed certifications in your area of specialization.

These are some certifications you should try and get if you want  to open a barber school

  • degree and diploma in trade-related courses 
  • licensed professional barber 
  • certified barber
  • certification in a known area (trade and technical vocation)
  • certified technical skilled trainer 

vii) An Easy To Access Location

An easy to access location

Barber schools require to be able to see the students face to face, therefore the location should be prone to humans and vehicular traffic.

An entrepreneur looks for a location where the demographic has a lot of people and businesses with purchasing power and lifestyle.

Of course, you don’t wanna set up your location where there are no people or a place that is difficult to find. Your student should be able to find the location easily so do vendors as they have to check background et al or documents and to submit their proposals.

viii) Create A Marketing Plan With Strategies And Ideas

Create marketing plan

When you are thinking and writing down your marketing plans and strategies for your school, ensure that you are about to make a captivating personal and business profile. 

Besides, your qualifications, certifications, and experience state what you have achieved in the past as it will let others know where you have had your training. This will help you get known in the marketplace when looking for corporate clients and students.

Here are some platforms that can be if use to market your barber school:

>Give advertisements of your barber school like in magazines, newspapers and tv stations.

>List down your school in yellow pages

>Do attend international vocational seminars and business fairs

>Build different categories for different students and clients so that you can work with your budget.

>Get attached to the internet to promote your school.

>Engage marketing executives and business developers so that it does direct marketing for you.


The above article has been briefed and pointed out ways for you to understand how you can open a barber school without any difficulty. Hope this article becomes a help for the people who want to start life in their known niche. Let us know what experience you had after reading this article. How much of a help was it? Leave a comment down below.

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