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Do You Know How Much Do Barbers Make? – Read This

Published on: August 26, 2021

Last Updated on: December 15, 2022

how much do barbers make

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Cutting someone’s hair and trying something new every day is a fascinating type of job. This is the reason most of the young generation people want to be professional barbers. But chasing your passion for work and chasing the money are two different things. When you want to be a professional barber, you will wonder how much do barbers make. 

Today’s social media and youtube are showing you multiple types of barber shows, and after looking at these shows and the shop’s tours, you will understand how much do barbers make. And this much money you can earn just following your passion for the makeover and cutting the people’s hair.

Why Are Barber's Jobs So Popular

Barbar’s are always popular. A fancy haircut and good beard trimming are the usual popular methods to look more stylish and trendy for modern people. The barber’s profession has some unique features like you have two options for income. One is you can start your own business. The other one is that you can join the internet under a professional hairdresser or a barber.

When you look at the past, you will see that most barbers are mainly doing haircutting and beard shaving. But in 2021, the barbers will offer many more options like shaving, waxing, trimming, and coloring different types of hair treatments. And for the fashion-conscious people, these barber’s jobs are becoming the most popular ways to earn. 

Like the different types of services, a modern barber is going to need much more equipment to offer the services to their customers. You may wonder how much barbers make after they are investing this amount of money in their equipment. Let’s see how much do barbers make and how these jobs are good earning options.

How Much Do Barbers Make?

barbers salary

When you want to know how much do barbers make a year. You are going to feel surprised when you are going to know the exact amount of money which is being made by the barbers. A single barbershop is making over $54,000.But this amount can be different on the basis of the positions and the places of the barbershops.

For example, the Miami, Los Angeles, Newyork, and San Francisco barbershops are making much more than $54,000. Usually, the city’s barbershops are earning more than $100,000.

Now you know how much do barbers make. And these amounts can be different, and on the basis of the locations, the barber’s income varies. In many places, the customers are willing to pay cuts and the extra amounts as tips. There the income of the barbers is going to increase. So if you want to earn more, then you have to find the locations where the customers like to pay extra as the tips for the services.

Here is the list of the barber salary, which will give you a better idea of how much do barbers make.

barbers income chart

This income is dependent upon your barber’s shop locations. When you are going to see the difference between the income of the barber’s you will understand how the salary of the barbers is going to differ. In many places, the barbers are making around six-figure numbers. 

But in the other areas, the barber’s making only four figure’s numbers in the years. So this is why when you want to know how much a barber makes first, you have to choose the locations for the shop. Then based on your services and the sites, you will get ideas about how much you will make.

4 Factors Which Are Influencing The Income Of The Barbers

When you have a fascinating hairstyle before starting your business, you want to know how much do hairstylists make? Depending upon the four factors barber’s income is going to be depending upon.

Check out the four factors which are influencing the income of the barbers.

1. Your Shop Locations

Shop Locations

When you want to know about how much do barbers make. The first influencing factor is the location of the barbershop. Based on the locations and the place of the barbershop, your annual income is dependent upon. Therefore, the best places to open the barbershop are strategic locations and locations where the customers want to pay a good cut for the services.

2. Barber’s Skillset

Barber’s Skillset

Before opening your business, you are asking how much do barbers make. But before planning to earn more money you have to know which types of skillset you are having. Barbar’s skill set is always the best asset, as is the equipment. This hair cutting is a form of art. So when the artist is well professional, the customers are always there to pay more for the services.

3. Business Type

Business Type

Like the other business forms, this barber’s shop business depends upon your business choices. When you are opening up your own barber’s shop, your business is going to flourish, and your income is going to increase. But when you are working under a Berber, your income depends on the salary and the tips.

In case you need money for unplanned expenses being a barber, Shania Brenson, the co-founder of 15M Finance wants to share with you an interesting opinion about emergency cash. If this is your own business and you work while paying your business loan, you should take care of alternative sources of income. She suggests you foresee any changes and insure yourself for the future, unexpected costs.

4. Your Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

In today’s digital world the customer reviews are the influencing factor. When you have good reputations and customer reviews, you no longer need to know how much barbers make. 70%of the regular customers choose the barber’s shop based on the online reviewers and the customer’s feedback. When you have a good reputation, your customer list is going to be longer.

Wrapping It Up:

We think now you have the whole idea of how much do barbers make. If you want to be successful as a barber, your professional skillset, your shop locations, and your humble behaviors are the key assets to attract the maximum number of customers. Your income is entirely dependent upon these factors. So which areas you are going to choose to run your barbershop, and what are your business plans. Do not forget to share your experiences and planning in the comment sections. Additionally, you can also check our latest article on how to open a barber school in the USA

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