Why Do Businesses Thrive To Get On The First Page Of Search Engines?

First Page Of Search Engines

Your website is the lifeline of your business. It’s where customers find you, discover your products and services, and eventually become loyal advocates for your brand. If people don’t know about you or can’t find you online, you miss out on potential clients and sales, and that’s where SEO and being visible on search engine results on the first page comes into the picture.

This article will explore why businesses thrive on getting on the first page of search engine results and what actions they can take to ensure they get on the first search engine results.

Increases Website Visitors

Increases Website Visitors

The first page of search engine results is the first place most people go when they look for information and products. If your website appears on that list, you’ll get more traffic than if it was buried several pages down.

According to Backlinko, only 0.63% of people clicked on a link appearing on the second page of the results. This means more potential customers see and click on your site if your website appears on the first page of the results.

Moreover, being on the first page also increases brand awareness. People who see your website in their search results will learn about your business, who works there, and what you offer.

Suppose a customer clicks through to another page on your site without buying anything immediately. In that case, this still helps build awareness that can lead to future sales or referrals from satisfied customers who feel loyal because they quickly found what they were looking for, thanks to Google’s search engine ranking system.

Since most online searchers click on the results appearing on the first page, you can use it to calculate the returns on your SEO investment. The higher you rank on the search engine results page (SERP), the more clicks you get, resulting in increased returns. The good thing is that once you start appearing on the first page, your site will automatically become more authentic. Hence, you must consider these factors for calculating the returns on investment (ROI).

If you don’t have an idea of how to factor ROI on Google listing, you can simply use the following formula:

Search Queries x % click-through of location = Visitors

Visitors x Cost Per Click (CPC) = Net Returns

Net Returns – Cost on Investment = ROI

Increases Organic Traffic

Increases Organic Traffic

To begin with, organic search engine traffic is free. Unlike paid ads, you don’t have to pay a single penny for your website to appear in Google’s search results. This means you can put as much effort into optimizing your site as possible without worrying that it will cost you money.

Second, organic search engine traffic is targeted. Most people looking for information online use the internet daily and visit multiple websites in one session, which means they are actively seeking information about something specific such as products or services related to their needs.

Third, organic search engine traffic is long-lasting because once someone has landed on a site, they tend to stay there, even if they leave and come back later. Organic traffic can be helpful in attracting more potential leads to your website. A BrightEdge survey shows that more than half of the search engine traffic is organic.

Fourth, organic search engine traffic can be measured through analytics tools like Google Analytics or other third-party analytical software applications such as Crazy Egg, etc., which helps businesses track user behavior patterns across different websites, thereby allowing them to make informed decisions based on these insights about what changes need to be made within their applications based off user behavior patterns observed through data collected over time.

Gets You A Head Start In The Sales Cycle

found by your target audience

If you’re selling a product or service online, it is crucial to be found by your target audience. To do that, you need to make sure that people can find what they’re looking for easily and quickly.

The best way to do this is through search engines. Getting on the first page of search engine results is one of the fastest ways to get more exposure for your business and drive traffic directly to your site.

Getting into position #1 isn’t easy. However, if you get there, you can get a head start on your sale. The first step in making online sales is getting the audience to your website. Ranking high can help you with that.

For instance, data from FirstPageSage shows that the first result on SERPs has a 39.8% click-through rate, which increases to over 42% if your page appears as a featured snippet.

Improves Engagement And Conversation

Ranking high on search engine results can help businesses to improve customer engagement significantly. When customers search for a product, service, or information related to the company, they are more likely to click on the top results.

By appearing at the top of search engine results, businesses can attract more customers and increase their visibility. This can lead to more customers engaging with the company, potentially leading to more sales and long-term customer loyalty. According to Gartner, this customer engagement is vital because it can help close more sales.

Additionally, ranking high on search engine results can help to build trust and credibility with customers, as they will be more likely to trust a business that appears at the top of the search engine results. This can help to improve customer engagement further and create a positive customer experience.

How To Rank High On Search Engine Results

Rank High On Search Engine Results

  • Use keywords: Keywords are words or phrases people use when searching for products or services on search engines. Researching and choosing the correct keywords for your business can help you get noticed by new customers who may not otherwise have found you.
  • Create a content strategy: A content strategy is designed to create valuable content that attracts visitors, builds trust, and establishes credibility in your industry. This process helps businesses generate the highest possible ROI from their marketing efforts over time by driving traffic to their website.
  • Building links: Build links with relevant websites through guest posting, social media, or article writing opportunities so potential customers can find them easily online when they’re looking for information about a specific topic related to what they want but don’t know where it exists yet.


There are many more benefits to your business ranking high on search engine results. The main takeaway is that the higher you rank, the more likely people will see your company and purchase from you. It’s important because it will increase sales and show potential clients that you care about being found online with an attractive website layout that promotes easy access.

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